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Grossology is a Canadian animated television series produced by Nelvana, and based loosely on the non-fictional children’s book series of the same name by Sylvia Branzei. It debuted on the YTV network in Canada on September 29, 2006, and was first shown on Discovery Kids (now Hub Network) in the United States on January 13, 2007. It also aired on Jetix on June 2, 2007 and Kix! from September 15, 2008 in the United Kingdom; in Nickelodeon last March in South East Asia, and aired on ABC TV in Australia in December 2007.

The first season consists of 26 half-hour installments, and the second season has premiered on September 2008. The principal character designs were done by Faruk Cemalovic.

The French title of this series in Canada is Glurp Attack.


Ty and Abby are a teen brother and sister crime-fighting team who report to the Bureau of Grossology, a secret government facility whose job is to protect the city from disgusting villains and their gross crimes. Each episode of the series follows the pair on adventures based on real scientific facts. Aided by their friend Lab Rat (a human scientist) and their boss The Director, Ty and Abby work to keep the city safe, all while keeping their identities hidden.


Major charactersEdit

  • Tyler "Ty" Archer - Ty is Abby's little brother and a hard kid to face. His cool, active and analytical mind takes everything in. He sees himself as a scientist and he takes his job very seriously, too seriously if you listen to Abby. In his mind, science is everything, and his goal is to be remembered with the very best in his field. He and Lab Rat share many common interests. On the field, Ty pilots the GRS-1 and is great at strategic maneuvers. His quick thinking has saved the day many times. His utility pack doubles up as a jet pack. Ty owns a chemistry set at home and often does analyses on things he finds (e.g. Hairball’s hairballs). He gets tongue tied around his love interest Naomi. It was hinted in the episode “Queen for a Day” that he is afraid of clowns. Ty is hinted many times to be much smarter than Abby and sometimes even Lab Rat. He is also allergic to dust mites.
  • Abigail "Abby" Archer - Abby unravels mysteries so disgusting that no adult will touch them. She loves everything gross and slimy – nothing grosses her out. Abby likes to test her limits to see if there is something so gross, so slimy, so disgusting, that it will make even her, the Queen of Squeam, turn green. So far nothing has come close. Although she closely resisted gagging at gross sights on a rare number of occasions, such as in the episodes "The Slim Slime Man" and "Go Fish", the only exception was in the episode "Yack Attack", when she unknowingly drank contaminated water and threw up. She gets covered in slop the most, and being dirty has yet to affect her trademark ponytail. On the field, she is a competent fighter. She holds a severe grudge against not only villains like Lance Boil, but her school rival Paige. Unlike her younger brother Ty, she is athletic and depends on her instincts and feelings at times, however sometimes her feelings cloud her judgment when she has an affection for the suspect in question. Throughout the series she has shown interest in drama and sports like volleyball. She is scared of leeches as shown in the episode "Vein Drain". In the episode "When Allergies Attack" she was shown to develop an allergy to ladybugs. Abby and Ty share ownership of their kitten, hairball. She also tried out for the volleyball team at the goading of her father Harvey, who wanted her to live his dream through her.
  • Paul "Lab Rat" Squirfenherder - Paul Squirfenherder is the Grossology Department's tech support, designing and building gadgets and vehicles to aid Grossologists on their missions, and he is also a friend of them. He spends so much time doing experiments that it earned him the nickname “Lab Rat”. His inventory of hi-tech gadgets and various knowledge make him valuable to the team. He has a pet rat named Hermes, who he treats as his best friend. Lab Rat suffers from Agoraphobia, he only ventures out of the Gag Lab for Hermes’ well being and under the circumstance where he is forced to leave. The episode "Owl Most Foul" shows Lab Rat not only stepping out of the Gag Lab for the first time, but also wearing his blue slime suit for the first time. In the episode "Fartzilla", a robotic version of Hermes was used to break into the school cafeteria in order for Ty and Abby to investigate. Abby often jokes that he stinks due to the fact that bathing is not one of his favorite activities. Lab Rat also has a severe mango allergy.
  • The Director - He is stern. He is officious. He is the man who gives the Grossologists their repulsive assignments. And he is also incredibly squeamish. The world is full of filth and germs from the Director's perspective, and he must do everything he can to keep the city, and more importantly himself, uncontaminated. Even though he dislikes his area of work, it is still better than no job (this prompting Ty to ask his sister "what exactly does he do anyway?"). The Director is known to arrogantly enter the scene when the crime is solved and take all the credit. He claims that Abby and Ty's success is because of his "great leadership skills" and a variety of other qualities. Unfortunately for him, Abby and Ty see right through his farce and make sure to it that his ego is kept in check. That isn't hard to do, since the crime scenes often unnerve the Director. (For example, he once claimed to have an iron-cast stomach in front of The Detective. After sniffing Ty's Sloppy Joe induced stench, he promptly vomited on the spot. In reply, The Detective said "Mr. Director, do you mind cleaning up your iron-cast stomach off my shoes?"). Despite his incredibly squeamish nature, he has on one known occasion, gone into the field on his own to search for his missing agents. He is allergic to cats.
  • The Detective - A gruff, burly police detective, who occasionally works with Abby and Ty on cases, and is the only outsider who knows their secret. He bears MORE than a strong resemblance to Detective Dick Gumshoe from the Phoenix Wright series of games.

Supporting charactersEdit

  • Harvey & Petunia Archer - Ty and Abby's father and mother, respectively. Both are shown to be gullible, and as such, are completely unaware of their children's secret jobs as Grossologists. Harvey manages the city's water treatment plant while Petunia teaches entomology. Petunia has a fear of heights as shown in the episode "Squirmed".
  • Mr. Scheffer - An often nervous and uptight teacher at Ringworm Junior High School. He has been noted to teach science (Silent But Deadly: Part 1) and direct plays (When Ya Gotta Go).
  • Paige Logan - A popular but very snobbish girl at Ringworm Junior High, and Abby's bitter rival. However, as seen in "New Recruits", she was once actually nice to her. Her father is very rich, and her favorite color is pink. She has been noted several times throughout the second season to have a crush on a blond boy named Rudy.


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Gallery Roles Actors Episodes
Main Cast
Tyler "Ty" Archer/Grossology Michael Cohen 39
Abigail "Abby" Archer/Grossology Krystal Meadows 53
Recurring Roles
Gross05 Paul "Lab Rat" Squirfenherder/Grossology M. Christian Heywood 30
Gross06 The Director Paul O'Sullivan 30
Grossology 000 The Detective Danny Wells 6
Gross08 Cara Chitin/Insectiva Lili Francks 1
Grossology 000 Slim/The Slim Slime Man Danny Wells 2
Gregrergerergerggergrereghhjtty Larry/Fartor Sean Cullen 3
Gross07 Joseph Puglowski/Sloppy Joe George Buza 4
Grossology - Villians Scab Fairy Helena Globin/The Scab Fairy Jessica Holmes 5
Gross09 Lance Boyle/Lance Boil Juan Chioran 6
Grossology 000 Keith Van Kobbler Pat Mastroianni 9
Grossology - Villians Mr. Fowler Mr. Fowler Derek McGrath 10
Nydjnytyyt Chester/Kid Rot Travis Ferris 13
Gfdgdfsgffdsvvfdsafgrea Dr. Cornelius Colon Peter Keleghan 18
Farty Far-Ty James Franco 20 & 21
Grossology 000 Frankenbooger Frank Welker 24
Gfddgf Darko Crevasse Julian Richings 25
Grossology - Villians Sarah Senia Sarah Senia Jayne Eastwood 26
Zzzzzzzjyhuygyyyyu Arachnidia Maria Vacratsis 27
Grossology 000 Frederick Follicle Stephen Ouimette 31
Roger pinkeye by teh chip-d48yl3x
Roger Nike/Roger Pink-Eye Lyon Smith 33
Grossology 000 Basso Profondo Ben Campbell 39
Htrhrthrthrthnnnfnrhhtrhhjjhthtrjyt Gary Gumdrop Adrian Truss 40
Grossology 000 Gundy Mac Goober Bruce Pirrie 42
Evil Abby 2
Evil Clone Abby Grey DeLisle

46 & 47