Voiced by Lili Francks
Real Name Cara Chitin
Alias Insectiva
Social Status Wanted criminal
Age 60+(?)
Signature Ability Controls insects, bug-like habits

Insectiva was once a beautiful, young promising university student who wanted to study entomology (the study of insects) until she discovered how insects are treated by science; captured and dissected. Now, armed with all sorts of bugs, she pursues an insect agenda, to wipe all people off the planet so bugs can rule again. She, like many insects, can't get past windows, therefore she is continuously running into them. She has a twin sister, who goes by the name Arachnidia - a spider-themed villain. Sloppy Joe is her boyfriend.

Personality Edit

Tends to very grumpy and angry, always remembering the reason why she hates humanity and expressed their wishes to end this, she wants to make bugs rule the world.

  • First Appearance: Episode 1 ("Queen for a Day")
  • Cara Chitin's last name is based on chitin, the protein that makes insects' exoskeletons.


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