Keith Van Kobbler (voiced by Pat Mastroianni) - A popular and undefeated young basketball player, and Abby's former idol. Calls himself "VK" for short, and always refers to himself in the third person. Endorsed the "KVK-1" brand super-sneakers, which have been a runaway success, but after a short while, all wearers (including VK's opposing players, up-and-coming basketball players) suffer a severe case of foot fungus! After painstakingly examining the KVK-1 sneakers in the case, Ty and Lab Rat suspect VK himself to be the culprit, while Abby has difficulty accepting their suspicion. As it turns out, VK is indeed the culprit, with a twisted method behind his fame; he singlehandedly manufactured the KVK-1 sneakers for mass consumption, and spiked them with fungus (while wearing a non-spiked "Deluxe Edition" pair for himself, of course), so that everyone will have foot fungus, and most of all, eliminate the competition, so that he will be the only basketball player in the world. His weapon is a high-tech "Wrecking Ball" basketball.

  • First Appearance: Episode 9 ("It's Gotta Be the Shoes")

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