Character Quick Description Status
Ty - Main Character The genius behind the works. Good - Alive
Lab Rat The guy behind the mission. Good - Alive
The Director The Director Of The Bureau Of Grossology. Good - Alive
Evil Clone Abby A rat clone of Abby. Evil - Dead
Gary Fartor's brother. Unknown - Unknown
Hairball Abby and Ty's pet cat. Good - Alive
Harvey & Petunia Archer - -
Hermes Lab Rat's pet Rat. Good - Alive
Andy - -
Mr. Scheffer - -
Insectiva Evil insect supervillan. Evil - Alive
Arachnidia - -
Kid Rot The King Of Rottingham forest. Evil - Unknown
Naomi Ty's high school crush. Good - Alive
Paige Logan Abby's nemesis. Good Alive
Professor Skinner - -
The Detective The case solver of every grossology crime scene. Good - Alive
Abby - Main Character The girl with the taste for gross. Good - Alive
Petunia Archer The mother of the super duo. Good - Alive