Abby Archer - Abby is usually reffered to as the "Queen of Squeem" there is nothing that can make her too grossed out to the point of vommiting (although she has vommited before, only do to the fact that the water was contaminated by Sloppy Joe). She's more of the action kind of girl and doesn't take her job as seriously as Ty Archer, her brother who is also a grossologist.


Abby's personality varies between different situations. She can be very kind and has some what of a sarcastic attitude at times. She's also very straight forward and is considerd a good student in class. She can also be quick to help the weak (as shown in the episode "Kid Rot"). She dosen't like jocks too much and has a hatred for Paige, a snobby rich girl who often taunts her. She is also terrified of leaches as shown in "Vein Drain". She hates it when her brother annoys her and likes to lay back. Abby also is the only girl at the Bureau of Grossology which usually makes her realize how weird or stupid Lab Rat and Ty can get. She would do anything for her brother, but she isn't incapable of hurting him.


Abby is the typical sister to her brother. She cares about him but she can also get very annoyed and into huge fights with her brother one example was in the episode "Club Parasites" where she got head lice and Ty constantly teased her about it.

In season one, Chester was a new kid at school whom Abby was shown to have great interest (a crush) in but eventually ended up hating the new persona (Kid Rot) that he or the parasite made for him.

She has also been shown to have a crush on a blond-haired boy at school who's name was mentioned to be Rudy in season two's episode "Hairless Whispers". Unfortunatly, Paige has also been shown to have an interest in this boy, too, and Abby and Paige usually go into a compitition for him.


Hair - Abby has a signiture ponytail that almost hits the floor with a dark purple band. Her hair color is a rusty red.

Outfit - Purple top with an almost helatrope colored stripe in between the bottom and top of the shirt a dark purple skirt with black legings and purple shoes.

Slimesuit (Grossology uniform) - A yellow slimesuit with black boots and black gloves with yellow slime goggles.



Lab Rat

The Director

Evil Clone Abby



Harvey & Petunia Archer



Mr. Scheffer



Kid Rot


Paige Logan

Professor Skinner

The Detective

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