Paige Logan (voiced by Melissa Altro, who also voiced the eponymous Pippi Longstocking and still voices Muffy on Arthur) - A popular but very snobbish girl at Ringworm Junior High, and Abby's bitter rival. However, as seen in "New Recruits", she was actually nice to her at first. Her father is very rich, and her favorite color is pink and she loves sparkles. She has been noted several times throughout the second season to have a crush on a blonde boy named Rudy.

She is the totally rich, bossy girl of Ringworm Junior High and also likes to tease people if they are ugly or not rich.

She is sometimes seen with Naomi.


Abby ArcherEdit

She's Paige`s arch nemesis and they tend to bicker with each other and Abby always wins the arguments.

Ty ArcherEdit

Paige thinks him and his sister are dorks.


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