Professor Skinner
Voiced by (unknown)
Real Name Professor T. P. Skinner
Alias Professor Skinner
Social Status Scientist/Inventor, Believer of the supernatural
Age 40's (?)
Signature Ability Creating inventions to protect people from supernatural creatures

Professor T. P. Skinner (voiced by unknown) - He is a scientist and inventor who believes in the supernatural. He created the Gator Guard 3000, as seen in the season two episode "Flushed Away" to keep alligators from appearing in toilets when alligators started to appear in toilets while people were using the bathroom. In that very episode, after the Grossologists found that Professor Skinner was not placing alligators in people's toilets just to sell his product and left, he chased after them trying to sell another one of his inventions to them to fend off werewolves.

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