The Director is stern and officious. He is the man who gives the Grossologists their repulsive assignments. And he is also incredibly squeamish. The world is full of filth and germs from The Director's perspective, and he must do everything he can to keep the city, and more importantly himself, uncontaminated. Even though he dislikes his area of work, it is still better than no job (this prompting Ty to ask his sister "what exactly does he do anyway?"). The Director is known to arrogantly enter the scene when the crime is solved and take all the credit. He claims that Abby and Ty's success is because of his "great leadership skills" and a variety of other qualities. Unfortunately for him, Abby and Ty see right through his farce and make sure to it that his ego is kept in check. That isn't hard to do, since the crime scene often unnerves The Director (For example, he once claimed to have an iron-cast stomach in front of The Detective. After sniffing Ty's Sloppy Joe induced stench, he promptly vomited on the spot. In reply, The Detective said "Director, do you mind cleaning up your iron-cast stomach off my shoes?"). Despite his incredibly squeamish nature, he has on one known occasion, gone into the field on his own to search for his missing agents.