Ty Archer
Voiced by Michael Cohen
Real Name Tyler Archer
Alias Ty
Social Status Student, Grossologist
Age 13
Signature Ability Intelligence and Goopshooter
Tyler "Ty" Archer is Abby's little brother and a hard kid to face. His cool, analytical mind takes everything in. He sees himself as a scientist and he takes his job very seriously, too seriously if you listen to Abby. In his mind, science is everything, and his goal is to be remembered with the very best in his field. He and Lab Rat share many common interests. On the field, Ty pilots the GRS-1 and is great at strategic maneuvers. His quick thinking has saved the day many times. His utility pack doubles up as a jet pack. Ty owns a chemistry set at home and often does analyses on things he finds (e.g. Hairball’s hairballs). He gets tongue tied around his love interest Naomi. It was hinted in the episode “Queen for a Day” that he is afraid of clowns. Ty is hinted many times to be much smarter than Abby.

He also is determined to win a race or a contest. In the greatest race ever crawled, he wants to defeat Insectiva in a race. Even when this is just a trick of her. In The Insider he and his friends built a robot called Grossotron to win a robot battle. But when Lance Boil gets in to his body, he still wants to go to the robot battle. In Survival of the grossest Ty uses Insectiva's mutagen to win a science competition .

Appearance: He wears blueprints shirt and a brown pants with belt. Ty wears orange slimesuit and he has a jet pack too


Ty Archer/Gallery

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